Situated in the Far North of Queensland, Cairns is a city of 170,00 people servicing a vast geographic region of North Eastern Australia with a population of 260,000. Growing at an average rate of 2% over the past decade, the city is excepted to surpass 250,000 by 2035 and will be servicing a regional population of 500,000.

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Enterprise North is an Incorporated Association established by its members to deliver economic and advocacy and to act in an “enabling” role, providing apolitical regional leadership and focus, while actively pursuing collaboration with the region's peak bodies, to foster positive outcomes for the region.

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In becoming a member of Enterprise North, you are supporting the collective efforts of all of the region's organisations, individuals and agencies that are dedicated to a financially and socially sustainable growth and development agenda for the City and the northern regional communities.

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An agenda for sustainable growth

“Enterprise North ... has a strong voice, a large network of contacts and an exemplary vision...” Coral K Partners

As a Cairns organisation focused on development and advocacy, it follows that to be effective and relevant, we will need to be nimble enough respond to the various challenges faced by the region, as they present themselves.

In order to do this we believe we must focus on sustainable population growth and encouraging governments at all levels need to participate and partner up to this objective. Only by having consistent population growth supported by appropriate levels of planning and the necessary investment in infrastructure will be able compete internationally.

Our focus will be to the North, East and West, bridging geopolitical divides and in line with our core principle of flexibility, our agenda may change from time to time, but the emphasis on the key economic pillars around which we believe our City and regional economies will grow shall remain relatively constant.



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