Why Enterprise North?

Explaining simply what we do, why we are doing it and importantly how we do it. It is also about destroying some of the myths and advocating for some truth and objectivity. There is probably no more important job to do than growing our regional cities and regions and seeing our employment opportunities, community wellbeing and all round prosperity grow as a result. It is also about giving business and industry an honest voice.

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About Enterprise North’s Executive Manager, Kevin Byrne

Kevin Byrne has enjoyed a successful forty year career across government, military, business and  corporate  appointments. He was  Mayor  of Cairns for eleven years during which time the city positioned itself for growth and development making it now the international gateway to Northern Australia and one of Australia’s most livable cities . He is a passionate advocate for planned growth and development across Northern Australia and sees the need for governments to implement sustainable policies to grow regional communities. He is widely travelled with extensive personal experience not only in Australia, but  also in Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Malaysia and China. Throughout his career he has demonstrated leadership excellence in multi faceted and challenging appointments in the private and public sectors. He is a clear and concise thinker who is able to articulate complex positions with rare clarity. An accomplished public speaker, he is best described as a competent all rounder who is well connected in the region. In addition to his civic and commercial management experience, he has enjoyed successful Board appointments across both the commercial and not for profit sectors and currently serves on the Board of Cootharinga NQ, a disability services provider. He is currently President of Enterprise North Inc, a regional development and advocacy organisation whose role is to advocate for population growth  and development for Cairns City and North East Australia more broadly.

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Kevin Byrne 0447 280 923 exec@enterprisenorth.org.au