“Cairns has always had to fight its own battles to get focus on our region.  Enterprise North and its Executive Manager, Kevin Byrne has a strong voice, a large network of contacts and an exemplary vision for where we need to be.  That’s why we became a member of Enterprise North.” Coral K Partners

As a member organisation, our members have a direct ownership stake in Enterprise North and have a voice in directing and influencing the focus of our advocacy efforts via their input directly to the executive management team and at various forums and via engagement activities that are detailed on our annual activities program. You will have a say in how we operate.

Being a member of Enterprise North, you are supporting the collective efforts of all like organisations, individuals and agencies dedicated to a growth and development agenda for the city and the regional communities in a financially and socially sustainable way. It is important that we advocate robustly, yet in a considered and fair way to those remote individuals, parliaments and governments in Canberra and Brisbane. Only by doing this will we be in a position to effect change on our terms that will grow and develop Cairns and the Northern East Region.

We do not have a limit on member numbers, however the Management Committee has the right to admit or reject any member application. Each member is able to serve on any committee when duly elected and in accordance with the rules. There is currently four classes of membership:

  • Sponsor Member: $10,000 + GST. This category is generally for member businesses that have a revenue turnover in excess of $5M (AUD), Local Governments, and individuals who wish to join this category;
  • Ordinary Members & NFP Members: $3,600 + GST. This category is generally for member businesses and designated Not for Profit (NFP) organisations that have a revenue turnover of less than $5M and individuals who wish to join this category;
  • Associate Members: $1500 + GST This category is for small business operators with a turnover of less than $1M and individuals who wish to join this category;
  • Contra Members: No charge. This category is generally for like member organisations whose activities and membership compliments the objects and activities of Enterprise North detailed in the model rules;
  • Sole Trader/ Private Members: No joining fee. Annual fee $500 + GST
  • Honorary Members: This category is reserved for individuals who have made a distinguished contribution to the development and advocacy outcomes of the region and Northern Australia more broadly.

Each member with the exception of the Contra and Honorary Member category has one vote at all meetings of Enterprise North.

Membership dues are payable via the usual means and can be paid in full on joining or by quarterly instalments ( via separate arrangements) and the membership year commences from your date of joining.

Membership has its rewards

Enterprise North operates on a participatory model. Membership obligations are not onerous and your activity levels are a matter for you. Our activities  in the establishment phase of the Association will include, but not limited to the following:

  • Quarterly invitations at discounted member rates to signature breakfast/luncheon events. These are planned to be sponsored events with first class accredited speakers of significance giving you opportunities to market/promote your business/organisation to a wider and select audience;
  • Monthly Newsletter to include member profiles;
  • Weekly News Blast featuring the key messaging on economic and national events;
  • Access to Members’ web site blog;
  • AGM to be followed by Annual Dinner ( keynote speaker);
  • Sponsor Member: in addition to the above Ordinary Member benefits you will be invited display your company imaging/logo on the Enterprise North web site home page and our marketing/advertising materiel by agreement.

Next Steps…

If you feel passionate about the future well being of our region you need to get on board and become a part of the conversation around the region’s future…


Sponsor Members

Academic Member

Ordinary Members


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