Statement on the Great Barrier Reef

For too long greatly exaggerated claims regarding ongoing damage to the Barrier Reef caused by the effects of “climate change” and referring to extensive degradation of the reef due to coral bleaching and other events have been allowed to circulate unchecked. In fact there has been an extra ordinary “pile on” by various commentators and unfortunately some government agencies, as well as a range of academic and public figures. Simultaneously there has been an extra ordinary unwillingness by many to counter the mistruths. The net effect of this unfortunate perception on the state of the Great Barrier Reef is now having profound implications for many communities in North Queensland as well as businesses and individuals that have legitimate decades long operations on the GBR. The incorrect and alarmist perception is now recognised throughout Australia and internationally and needs to be remedied.

Climate change is not a new phenomenon. It has occurred throughout time in various guises and with differing degrees of severity. Any ecosystem 2200 km in length and larger than many countries has and will continue to be affected quite obviously through the passage of time. This has been the case during the summer cyclone seasons and other extreme weather events, but there is overwhelming evidence that this reef system enjoys recuperative powers that scientists are only now beginning to understand. In fact the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is the best managed marine ecosystem in the world and is overall in excellent condition. In addition there are a number of legislated restrictions on the landside activities that might cause detriment to our reef systems. These are vigorously enforced and contributes to the ongoing sustainability of the GBR.

Australia is a signatory to a series of international climate change and other environmental covenants that describe our national responses. The issue of climate change is a worldwide issue, and Enterprise North holds the view that our responses are appropriate and within the capacity of our national economy to absorb. We reject the unsubstantiated claims of sea level rises in our coastal regions as we reject any other unsubstantiated claims of the imminent catastrophic outcomes of climate change due to current atmospheric CO2 emissions.

Enterprise North calls on governments, and their agents at every level, to have clear and unambiguous positions on the issue of managing the climate change perceptions and actively pursue policy settings that represents verifiable, relevant and correct science. Governments and representative bodies have an obligation to the truth so as to ensure that environmental activism does not thwart the progress of communities and economies. In line with this, there is a need to reject outright the linking of the Great Barrier Reef to the wider debate on the management of the domestic climate change issue.

Kevin Byrne
Executive Manager
27 June 2019
0447 280 923

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